About The Course

Cooking for yourself can be daunting, but once you get the hang of things and feel confident in the kitchen, cooking will become easy and much more enjoyable!

This course will also set you up with the skills & knowledge to save you valuable time, stress and overwhelm in the kitchen and enable you to eat better tasting meals on a budget.

This course will help you have a great foundation of cooking, not just so you can make the recipes in the course but giving you the knowledge to make your own creations. With the knowledge you will get, you will be able to cook other items and get great results.

Learn tips and tricks of professional chefs so you can save time and money. Plus, most recipes will make more than one portion so you'll also be meal prepping like a pro while you learn.

Chef Jaime Imbusch

Chef Jaime has always had a passion for food, cooking with his Grandfather was a big part of growing up. This lead Jaime to go to Westminster College in London where he gained the highest Diploma in Culinary Arts.
Since training to be a Professional Chef, Jaime has done it all.From Michelin stars to Professional Meal Prepper From famous hotels such as Claridges to working alongside Marcus Wareing and Gordon Ramsay in London and renowned beachside restaurants in the south of Spain. Jaime has also been the Private Chef for 2 Royal Families travelling the globe.

Jaime Imbusch
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What You Are Going To Learn

Step by step instructions that you need to become a confident and productive cook in your own home.

Why Cook With Jaime?

  • Being a Private Chef since 2008, Jaime knows the best way to get the job done in a home kitchen.

  • Chef Jaime has trained and cooked with some of the worlds best chefs

  • With over 25 years experience, Chef Jaime knows all the tips and tricks and he's willing to share!

  • There are many ways to cook, but you'll learn the easiest way without loosing on the results.

What My Students Say

Lauren J


I never thought cooking could be this easy!

Ian R


Just started this course, so far I have really enjoyed the first few weeks. Already learned many new things. Great course.

Lucy J


I love his cooking! He is a good speaker so you are always interested. I learned a lot...lots of little details so even if you are a chef you learn.

Aracely Benavides


You can see that he loves to cook and does it very well, thank you chef for sharing your fantastic recipes.

Don B

I love this course. It's everything I had hoped for. And the ability to rewatch lectures is great. I plan to use much of the material as I improve my cooking and look forward to experimenting with new dishes and flavors.

Tracey T


This course is brilliant. I made the best pasta dish I ever made from just the free preview. So much value!

Bonus Material

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  • Special Spices

    Save with coupons & promo codes on healthy and natural spices.

  • Extra Recipes

    There is alway new things to learn about food, so we will continue to add new videos.

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