About the Course

Feed the the family and learn

This course is to provide you with fail proof video lessons of our favourite weeknight bites. You'll learn the classics and we'll put a modern twist on them too.

While we teach you these dishes you'll also be learning the fundamental cooking techniques so you can tackle any recipe head on!


Course curriculum

  • 1

    Getting Started

    • Must Have Knives

    • Chopping An Onion

    • Getting Set Up

  • 2

    Week One

    • Chicken

    • Crispy White Fish

    • Poaching Salmon

    • Pan-Fried Salmon

    • Blanching Greens

  • 3

    Week 2

    • Pork Meatballs

    • Beef Stroganoff

    • Sausage Meatballs

  • 4

    Week 3

    • Classic Carbonara

    • Chilli Beef

    • Chicken Taco

    • Vego Chilli

  • 5

    Week 4

    • Chorizo & White Bean Stew

    • Marroc Chicken Casserole

    • Turkey Meatballs

    • Pasta Lunch

  • 6

    Bonus Material Pack

    • Nutless Pesto

    • Green Beans w. Garlic and Sesame

    • Kung Pao Brussels

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Bonus material

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  • Printed T's

    Save up to 20% on top quality printed t-shirts with cool cooking-related designs.

  • Special Spices

    Save on our selection of blends that we make in our kitchen.

  • Regular Bonus Content

    We will always be adding content to the course so there's new recipes and ideas to try. So it's not just our 20 favourites.

Why Cook With Jaime?

  • Chef Jaime has trained and cooked with some of the Worlds best Chefs

  • With over 25 years experience, Chef Jaime knows all the tips and tricks and he's willing to share!

  • There are many ways to cook, but you'll learn the easiest way without loosing on the results.